We believe in the power of uniting. Join us to create a network of women in Tennessee who work, live, experiment, and are trying to make that next step. 


Our Mission

The Congress Club is a space for all women to connect, think, build, and grow.

Our goal is to inspire success and create a network of women who are committed to building their best life. Whether your focus is getting that next promotion, starting you business, or finding the perfect sheet mask, The Congress Club is your hub to meet women in Tennessee who share and support your vision.

We just want to make Dolly proud.


As a Congress Club member you'll join a group of connected women in Nashville.  Join us to get email updates and insider invites and tips all curated for life in Tennessee.

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General Inquiries


1) A formal meeting or series of meetings for discussion between delegates, especially those from a political party or labor union or from within a particular discipline. "a congress of mathematicians." Synonyms: conference, convention, seminar, colloquium, symposium, forum, meeting, assembly, gathering, rally

2) A society or organization, especially a political one.

3) The action of coming together. "A sexual congress"